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Life journey


Born on 06.06.1995 in Sofia, Bulgaria


Joined Sofia Vocational High School of Electronics

In 7th grade, I already knew I wanted to be a web developer so that seemed to be the right choice for me.


First website

I taught myself HTML and CSS. As a result, I and a friend of mine created a website offering web development services. It's quite funny looking back.

First official clients

I taught myself Wordpress and acquired my first clients. Also started to get work from freelancing sites.

Competition time

I took part in 2 competitions - HackFMI 2.0 in Sofia, Bulgaria & Az moga tuk i sega in Devin, Bulgaria.


Internship & 12th grade

My first proper job /almost/ took place in Sofia, Bulgaria where I was doing front-end & user experience work. Had the chance to do more freelancing as well.

University in a new country + startup

Moved in Portsmouth, UK to study “Web development”. Started to work on a really big startup idea - teachbox. Also took part in Open minds by Barclays in London


Startup failed + Picked up a few bigger clients

After a number of unsuccessful attempts to raise money/having raised from crowdfunding really small amounts/, thousands of lines of code and many sleepless nights we decided to discontinue the project. That gave me skills more than anything so I managed to work on some larger scale projects.

Moved into a newer country & more code

I finished my first year studies and decided to “study abroad” on the Erasmus program. This year’s country of choice was Czech Republic - more specifically Prague. I also coded out a to-do app using the newer 5th version of the Laravel framework.


Failed again but maybe for the better

I couldn’t finish my second year in Czech republic lacking any help from the new university and having to learn Java and C++ in Czech language/not one of my strengths/. I decided it's time to move on.

I came back in Sofia to had a hunt for a new job. I became a part of a startup as a full-stack developer. I had big responsibilities - one of which to manage a team of freelance developers working on the same project with a tight deadline. Much love to Cloudfaces always in my heart.


Second university year + part-time work

Went back in Portsmouth and started my 2nd year but did not discontinued working for Cloudfaces. Working part-time abroad and having to learn new things in university proved to be challenging but it did work for me. I was able to handle all of my responsibilities with a really good time management put in place.

Startup v2 & others

Started a new job in Petersfield, UK - The Just Brand as a full-stack developer. During the weekend I focus on client work and try to excel myself in my tech stack. TBC.