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Valentine’s day just passed. I thought it is a good idea to put my legacy into words. All the things I love. All the things I care about. This is no love story. It is a lot more than that.

People who surround me will know it all but that’s a short resume for everyone else.

I love to code

I don’t just love it. It is most of what I am. I love when I create something out of nothing which serves a greater purpose, solves a problem, even changes people’s life. It is truly my passion. Having a day not doing it I suffer inside-out.

I love being in control, being consistent & having a plan. I like that mainly because I’m following a long-term goal. Day-in and day-out, I’m making sure I become a better developer & excel myself in both soft skills and professional ones.

I love to be surrounded by people with dreams plans

Surrounded by people with dreams is a blessing. People who are great at what they’re doing and seeing they’re executing towards achieving their goals is motivating. Hearing empty words don’t mean anything to me. Show me.

I love music

While working, while exercising, while studying or just relaxing music is the key. Keeps me focused & on point. If you’re interested what I’m currently into – checkout my coding playlist:

I love running

It is one of my other addictions. I keep doing it every single day from the 1st of January 2018 – 46th (the day of writing this post). It keeps me away from the exhausting amount of information that goes through my brain on a daily basis. It works like a restart button.


I see myself as a highly motivated young individual pursuing his dreams with clear actions. I hope that was educational & I motivated a few of you. That’s all I had to say for now.