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How much is a website? How quickly can you code it out?

The two most common questions I’ve been ever asked ever since I started coding.

How much is a website?

A website cost is generally determined by the hours that will be put into creating it multiplied by your rate. Quick Maths. Estimations are essential. Plan out your website with your client, share your ideas and have a proper scope.

How quickly can you code it out?

That really is an easy question once you know the scope. It also comes with practice. You can never get estimations right the first time. Once you have the estimation put it on your schedule and add up a few weeks to be sure that will be delivered on time. It’s always better to do it faster than you have promised.

The experiment

I picked up a random PSD online and started to work towards transforming it into a working website using WordPress. It is customers favorite/mine too/ for small to medium business. If however, the website includes a lot more functionality – I’d personally prefer a framework like Laravel.

In this case, it is a one-page website with a few standard components.

In my first session I out in 1.5 hours for general installation, initial infrastructure, and a header section. Here’s the video I created. I hope it is helpful to some of you.


Also here’s a link to the GitHub repo if you want to see the code, install it yourself or just keep track of the progress. Hit me up if you have any questions.