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Peyman's a brand selling unique nuts and dried fruits /trust me I tried them I am not bias/ (2017)


The company

A branch of Peyman’s family for the Bulgarian territory. A company selling high quality nuts products & dried foods.

The concept

The concept initially was to have a as simple as possible website with the aim to put the products on a pedestal. The website is mainly white and green(brand’s colors). Design was made specifically for that purpose.

The development

The website is using a custom theme developed for the WordPress platform which makes it easy to use for the client and it’s flexible enough and performant. The front-end is built with less so it is more maintainable. A lot of effort was put towards the small details to present the brand in the right way. The website doesn’t use a css framework and the styling is pretty light-weight. Styling was also made towards responsive design so it gives equally great experience for the end-user.

On the WordPress side of things it uses advanced custom fields + custom post types. Plugin’s are minimal and generally speaking the site speed is good. The speed will be improved really soon.

Always something’s

Overall a great project to work on with an amazing client. Check it out online! The link is below.

See the project live