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Revolv aims to provide emerging photographers with a platform for exposure. (2017)


The organization

Revolv is a collective of Masters’ photography students and alumni from the University of Portsmouth.

Founded in 2017 by Krasimira Butseva and Lina Ivanova and joined by Vera Hadzhiyska and Laura Gowing, Revolv aims to provide emerging photographers with a platform for exposure.

Whilst we organise free events, workshops and exhibitions, we create opportunities for talented and undiscovered individuals. We are dedicated to supporting artists expand on their professional knowledge and advance in their creative careers.

The design

The website is based around project’s identity aiming to be pure and to put on focus the up and coming artists. It has a number of rough and old-school elements such as the loader on the instagram page.

The front-end has imperfections with the idea to show how the artist’s creations don’t have to be perfect.

The development

The website is using a custom theme developed for the organization to fits its personality and business needs. It has a number of different custom solutions. Uses advanced custom fields to accommodate its features with a combination of custom post types.

The organization gives opportunities for Instagram takeovers therefore a crucial part was integrating it into the website with their api using javascript. Website’s galleries have been improved to match website’s design using a carousel pattern.

Further development

After the website has been successfully put live the respective optimizations are made on the theme, the server and images to match with most Google guidelines resulting in good and fast user experience.

See the project live

Working with Ivan was fantastic! He is very talented, understanding, easy-going and strict with deadlines. The website he created for my organisation is beyond my expectations and needs. It is great in terms of design, usability and functions! It helped my organisation grow bigger!

Krasimira Butseva, co-founder of Revolv