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Sofia Vocation High School of Electronics.

SVHSE "John Atanasoff" contest. (2014)


What is Sofia Vocation High School of Electronics?

Sofia Vocation High School of Electronics “John Atanasoff” is a high school for computer science and similar subjects. They are based in Sofia, Bulgaria and before this contest they were lacking of a good internet presence. A contest for school website was organised with the kind help from Lekovi Foundation.

What have I done?

This was a team project. I had the pleasure to work with Martin Georgiev without whom the website wouldn’t be as good as it is. We created a custom wordpress theme with subscription form for their marketing strategy and educational purposes; contact form to get in touch with school representative; a search and even a dictionary. Our design stood out with fresh, simple and responsive design. Unfortunetely, the contest was not awarded to our team

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