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A dashboard for developers. (2017)


The experiment

Last year I did an experiment as part of my degree for a dashboard. It could’ve been any so I decided to go for something that might be helpful for developers.

The product

It gives an ability for a user to set up a number of different dashboards which then can be displayed on monitors. It showcases articles from the news you have selected to(e.g CNN, Mashable etc.), your most recent Github issues assigned to you for all of your projects, the time & a joke. You can select which ones you want to show on a particular dashboard. You’re able to change those and your changes will trigger on the previewed device(screen) automatically.

The development

The purpose was mainly educational. I got to know Nodejs┬ávery well with no prior knowledge. I am extremely grateful to my lecturers for pushing me to make it better and to focus on documentation(something which I don’t have enough time for in real-life cases). I wrote also quite a bit of vanilla javascript which has a major importance for me.


Extremely happy with the result and the codebase. Unfortunately, it’s not hosted anywhere at the moment so here’s a link to the repo bellow.

See the project live